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We are travel addicts – traveling is like breathing to us, though the farther we travel the closer we feel to our home, Lithuania. Now we are more than excited to show you around, the way we would like our homeland to be shown.

We are writing our club’s story since our very first adventure. We were captured by the world itself, we discovered all kinds of wonderful corners of our planet. We were taught to take pictures and also to put our cameras away, because sometimes it’s not what you look at, it’s what you see that counts.

Inspired by everything we saw we opened a hostel in Vilnius, later on another one in Nida, and finally we opened a campsite in the heart of Vilnius. Seeing all these travelers passing through we realized that we could make their stay even more interesting!

And here we are – the first members of Travel Addicts Club. We are trying hard to gather our kind of addicts around. Even while you are reading this, small groups of travelers are strolling through the cobbled streets of Vilnius hearing stories which will never get old.

Vilnius is just the beginning, we have Trakai, Pervalka and other beautiful sights of Lithuania on our mind too. Travel Addicts Club is open for everyone who wants to join us in this mission. As one of our good friends once said: there are two types of addictions – the ones you try to lose and the ones you try to get! Travel addicts will help you with the latter. Welcome to the club!

Alina, Eglė, Benas

Meet the team
The best thing to happen while traveling is getting lost
Meet Alina

Alina apparently spent a third of her life travelling. She managed not only to travel, but also to live everywhere from Colorado to Reykjavik, from London to Nida. And when she returned from her travels, she decided to share her joy of discovery with others. Always smiling and full of ideas, she boldly took the mission – to show the most beautiful and unique places of Vilnius and Lithuania for other travelers and explorers. Alina believes that the best travel souvenirs are cake recipes, local music instruments or special knitting patterns, but the most important ones are the genuine stories of local people. So don’t be surprised if your tour with Alina turns into a cultural journey through past and present, spiced up by real life stories.

Traveling is creating distance, both physically and mentally.

To Arvydas traveling is an experience enabling to reflect oneself from a perspective and a key to broader and deeper understanding of other issues as well. He is an academic and a teacher of political anthropology at university. Arvydas chose to become a guide not only to be able to tell other people about the country and his home city Vilnius, but through this experience to get to know himself and others better too.

In his own travels he understood the importance of people you meet and what they tell you to your overall experience. He therefore does his best not only to present the history of the country to you, but also to direct you to the best places for shopping, eating and having fun. Lithuania is a shy but beautiful and very interesting country and Arvydas ir ready to share all of this with you.

Let the unexpected happen!

Airina is a passionate universe traveler, an observer through a camera lens and a tour guide in Vilnius. In her own words: “The more I see of the world the more I realize how delightful my homeland Lithuania actually is – with its long history, colorful culture, astonishing landscapes and kind people. I´ve been living in Vilnius for some years now and still this charming city amazes me every day with its endless secrets. So I got my guide license with a mission to reveal that beauty and magic through the history, nowadays affairs, architecture, art and fascinating stories to the guests of our country.” So come along and touch the spirit of Vilnius together with Airina!