7 day around Lithuania adventure (guaranteed departure)

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It is our guaranteed departure tour on the days:

29.07.2018 -04.08.2018,

26.08.2018 -01.09.2018,

09.09.2018 -15.09.2018.

We have prepared an agenda of local best hits to spend a week in Lithuania. Not superficial, but full of authentic and memorable details. Be sure you will meet our biggest cities and get a grip on history and culture. See our main castles and countryside sights. Go off the beaten track, meet locals and get authentic experiences like smoked fish in the picturesque Curonian region.



  • Cities of Vilnius and Kaunas uncovering our history
  • Authentic castles of Trakai and Panemune
  • Authentic food of Karaims and smoked fish from a fisherman
  • Picturesque villages and nature of the Curonian lagoon
  • Curonian spit with its dunes and broad horizons
  • The biggest in a world Amber Museum
  • Bird ringing station
  • Hill of Crosses
  • The audacity of countryside architecture in Rumsiskes


  • 5 overnights at centrally located 3* hotels

  • 5 buffet breakfasts

  • 1 night in a countryside homestead with homemade breakfast

  • Transportation during the tour 

  • Ecological fee and fery tickets

  • Sightseeing with a local guide in English (or other language if prefered) to all sights mentioned

  • Walking trail in the swamp

  • Bird watching station in Vente

  • Entrance tickets: Trakai castle, Rumsiskes open air folk museum, Amber museum, Hill of crosses.

Day 1. Hello and welcome to Vilnius.

Let's meet with a gratuite drink and we will give a short brief on Vilnius not forgetting to recommend some dinner places and directions for an evening stroll.


Day 2. Uncover of Vilnius and around with an evening in the city.

We want to show Vilnius and tell all the history. After that we will visit the town older than Vilnius, called Trakai and its old Castle - a popular day trip destination from Vilnius. Try traditional Karaim pastries (OPTIONAL). The day will end by tasty evening option: by tasting traditional Lithuanian dinner (OPTIONAL).


Day 3. Details of countryside and beauty of Kaunas.

When nearing Kaunas we make a stop in Rumsiskes village that has all authentic countryside region houses built in one place. The rest of the day in Kaunas will tell us how it felt to be in independent Lithuania between World Wars, and how this vibrant city lives today. You could also try to catch the wind in the almost historical Soviet times amusement park (OPTIONAL).


Day 4. Castles by the river and remote feel of Curonian lagoon.

Drive a beautiful road by the river Nemunas that has a lot of castles and stop in Panemune Castle on the way. Continue to Curionian lagoon. On Curonian lagoon shore go through the tiny villages and look for a remote feeling when standing by the water. Climb the lighthouse for great views and eat authentic local catch or enjoy locals' beloved hot sauna experience (OPTIONAL). You will stay overnight at the homestead with our wonderful hosts in the village in the countryside. Please note in the homestead you may share the bathroom.


Day 5. The beauty of Curonian spit.

Prepare for picturesque sand dunes, forests and tiny resor towns that used to be fishermen villages. We will show the full authenticity of this tiny, yet our favorite place of the land. We will make sure you will taste local smoked fish. And to make your trip more memorable – take some photos from breathtaking Parnidis dune before getting back to Klaipeda for the evening.


Day 6. A day of driving to Palanga and Hill of crosses.

We are heading back to Vilnius, but on this long drive there will be few hours in Palanga - biggest resort that has good memories of 19th century nobles enjoying their time here and building great things. Expect to know more about amber our gold in the biggest in a world Amber Museum. In the middle of the road - we stop in a Hill of crosses - a place where most visitors want to go but not every manages the distance. Evening in Vilnius, which you already know.


Day 7. See You next time!

This is a day to say "Good bye" and "See you next time". Optional transfer to the airport.

  • Your hotel.
  • Your hotel.
  • Comfortable clothes.

  • Sauna clothes and flip flops.

  • All you need to 7 days tour as you will have private transport for your things.

  • Plane ticket to and from Lithuania.

  • Gratuities.

  • Other food and drinks.

  • Airport transfers.