Half Day Sauna Escape

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For locals sauna is one of the best ways to relax. We are not too intense with sauna as finnish, and yet not all of us know how to enjoy sauna properly. But there is a man who knows a lot and he is inviting You into his own very authentic sauna for some best pure relaxation for 6 hours.


  • Heat making you sweat
  • Procedures of a sauna man
  • Rubbing yourself with salt in the sauna
  • Pouring cold watter on yourself
  • Having a nap while rolled in a blanket while in completely fresh air

While many locals like to throw parties in and around sauna, this is not the case. This will be about relaxing. A very crazy sauna-man invites You to his hand-built saunas (please choose from regular or underground sauna) to let the steam come into you and the fatigue come out. Make sure You will have a few rounds of coming in and going out and your sauna rhythm will be totally the way you want it. Note, that this is no fancy sauna built for tourists. This is sauna where sauna-men champions gather to enjoy their sauna time. Full-authentic, not polished or sterile. Our favorite sauna and the host.

Please note – to ensure the efectiveness of the sauna procedures it is recommended to go into sauna naked. If you need to cover ourself up, try to avoid synthetic clothes or towels, natural fiber clothe is preferable.

Your hotel in Vilnius or a centrally located public place.

Centrally located public place in Vilnius.

Dress accordingly to the weather.

  • Transfers from Vilnius to sauna and back
  • Sauna
  • Guidance of sauna procedures by a professional saunaman (sauna besom beating, salt scrubings, oil / honey rubbing)
  • Light snacks and tea

Other meals or drinks

Tour is available on request, all year round.