Guided Walking in the Baltic States in 14 Days by trains

Open Options

Day    1    Arrival to Vilnius. Welcome meeting. Overnight in Vilnius

Day    2    Vilnius-Pavilnys-Vilnius. Hiking in Pavilniai regional park

Day    3    Vilnius-Trakai-Varnikai-Vilnius. Short (7km) or long (15km) walks

Day    4    Train from Vilnius-to Plunge. Transfer to Plateliai. Hike in the afternoon

Day    5    Plateliai - Žemaitija National park hiking

Day    6    Transfer to Plunge - bus to Riga - Optional Walk in Riga in the evening

Day    7    Riga exploring in the Morning - train to Sigulda/Cesis in the evening

Day    8    Sigulda - Krimulda - Turaida walking

Day    9    Sigulda walking - Raganu katls - Paradise Hill

Day    10    Train to Tallinn

Day    11    Exploring Tallinn

Day    12    Transfer to Lahemaa National Park. Walking in Kasmu or Altja village

Day    13    Walking in Lahemaa National Park (Kasmu or Altja village)

Day    14    Departure. Transfer to Tallinn

Day 1 - Arrival to Vilnius

Arriving to Vilnius. OPTIONAL Airport transfer to Hotel.

Welcome meeting with your tour leader and a welcome drink.

If you arrive earlier - take an easy walk around the old town. Otherwise, you can book extra day to explore Vilnius more.

Overnight in Vilnius


Day 2 - Walking Pavilniai regional park

Today you will explore a regional park which is within Vilnius city boundaries. You will take a short train ride, will walk along the river, walk up and down some hills and through the forests - and everything without really going out of town.

Pristine Pavilniai Regional Park is a protected area that includes the 65 m height Puckoriai rock exposure at the Vilnia river valley. 20 thousand years old formations are visible from the lower side after 1 km easy hike from a restaurant located in a former mill.

Walking 4 h, 10 km.

Public transport: Vilnius train station - Pavilnio st. (7 min)

Overnight in Vilnius


Day 3 - From Vilnius to the Countryside among the Lakes

Today after a short train ride you will find yourself in the cosy medieval town surrounded by picturesque lakes and forests.

Trakai, located 30 km from Vilnius is a historical capital of Lithuania and it’s beauty leaves no one indifferent.

Locals take a day trip there and we invite you for one as well. See Trakai Castle, lakes and beautiful views around. Trakai used to be a medieval residence of Lithuanian Grand Dukes. Once a significant and powerful town, nowadays the town is enjoying tranquility and the status of summer resort with its only 5000 residents. The town is also famous for it's karaim community living here since 14th century who make "kibinai" the best local pastries in the area.

This day offers two hikes to choose - a shorter one around the Trakai town and peninsula and a longer one with an extension to Varnikai Reserve that will lead you through an old forest and meadow offering nature lovers an opportunity to enjoy spectacular views and the rich natural biodiversity found here.


Short route - 2 h, 7 km

Long route - 5 h, 15 km

Public transport: Vilnius train station - Trakai - Vilnius

Overnight in Vilnius


Day 4 - Vilnius to Plateliai

On this day you will go to Zemaitija national park which is named as the most mystical national park in Lithuania. The park territory is covered with fir forests which are populated by a huge number of protected plant and animal species; remains of ice-age plants were also found here. Not only the birds inscribed on the Red List of Lithuania breed in the park but also the birds protected in Europe, such as the hazel grouse, corncrake and whooper swan which produce a sound similar to a trumpet. The park’s jewel is the biggest and deepest lake in Zemaitija, surrounded by legends, the Lake Plateliai with its seven islands.

In the morning take a train from Vilnius to Plunge from which you will be picked by private car/bus and transferred to Plateliai. 

In the afternoon take a short leisure walk in the surroundings.

Train from Vilnius to Plunge 3,5 h.

Walk near lake Plateliai.

Overnight in Plateliai


Day 5 - Walking in Zemaitija National Park

Today’s walk along the Sheire and Liepiju nature trails will be a true delight for travelers who appreciate the natural environment and are longing for the peace of the forest. Walking on these trails you will touch untreated nature and see true forest life. Take a breath of fresh air and caress the stems of plants swaying in the wind. You will begin walking along the shore of the lake and later get into the forest where you will be accompanied by solemn trees that stretch as far as 50 meters towards the sky. Further onto the trail you will see how the surrounding nature changes from the forest to the swamped lakes and a boggy landscapes.

Walking: 6-8 h, 7-8 km

Overnight in Plateliai


Day 6 - Transfer - Plateliai - Plunge - Riga

Today you will go to Latvia and start exploring another Baltic country.

In the morning you will be picked by a private transfer and taken to the bus station in Plunge where you will take a bus going to Riga. There is no direct and regular train service between Lithuania and Latvia, so today’s transfer will be by bus.

In 3,5 hours you will arrive to Riga where you will have the second half of the day exploring it’s charming Old town.

Private transfer: Plateliai-Plunge (30 min)

Bus: Plunge-Riga (3,5 h)

Walking in Riga: 2h, 3-4 km

Overnight in Riga


Day 7 - Riga in the morning - train to Sigulda in the afternoon


In the morning you will continue exploring Riga on foot and have a guided walking tour of the Old Town.

In Riga while meandering its narrow streets and ancient alleyways you will discover the must visit sites and some hidden corners. Founded in 1201 by the German bishop Albert, Riga is the largest of the three Baltic capitals and boasts a true kaleidoscope of various architectural styles. The walking tour of the Old Town includes Riga Castle, Dome Cathedral, St. Peter’s Church, Swedish Gates, Three Brothers, Large and Small Guild House and the Freedom Monument.

In the afternoon you will get on the train in Riga and after a short ride you will find yourself in the densely forested area with picturesque slopes, caves and valleys. Gauja National Park is home to around 870 plant, 48 mammal, and 150 bird species. Forests take up almost one half of the park’s territory. And, to top it all off, more than 500 historic and cultural monuments can be found here (such as castles, manors, churches, watermills, and windmills). Spend the afternoon at your leisure and enjoy the fresh air.

Walking: 2-3 h, 5-7 km

Train: Riga-Sigulda/Cesis (1h 15 min)

Overnight in Sigulda/Cesis


Day 8 - Sigulda - Krimulda - Turaida

The Gauja National Park often called Switzerland of Latvia by locals is the largest and oldest of the national parks in Latvia, characterized by great biological diversity, variety of landforms, natural springs, sandstone outcrops, picturesque views and unique natural, cultural and historical monuments.

During this day you will have a very picturesque walk in Sigulda  and hike medieval castle ruins, hills, caves, cliffs, impressive forests and wonderful sights of river Gauja valley.

Walking: 6-7 h, 12-14 km

Overnight in Sigulda/Cesis


Day 9 - Sigulda walking - Raganu katls - Paradise Hill

Sigulda is a place where nature lies in close interaction with what has been created by men. Only 2-3 km off the central square of railway station, there is the deep ravine of the River Vējupīte and old valley of the River Gauja, where there are interesting natural objects and relatively unchanged nature. Suitable for those not afraid of climbing up and down the steep slopes of the ravine. A hike is not the easiest one, but definitely worth climbing uphill-donwhill for a picturesque views.

Walking: 6-7 hours, 12-14 km

Overnight in Sigulda/Cesis


Day 10 - Train to Tallinn

Today you will leave Latvia behind and continue to explore the tiniest of the Baltics - Estonia - a wildly beautiful land of pristine forests, biodiverse wetlands and remote offshore islands.

Your trip will start in the late morning by a train ride to Valga - a small town on Estonian border (2 hours by train) where you will change trains and continue your trip to Tallinn, Estonia’s capital (3,5 hours train ride).

Evening is free at your leisure.

Train: Sigulda-Valga (2 hours), Valga-Tallinn (3,5 hours)

Overnight in Tallinn


Day 11 - Tallinn explore

Tallinn, one of Europe’s newest capitals, boasts a rich mix of architecture and culture in a small geographic area. Its Old Town was almost untouched by war and remains perfectly preserved. And outside the city walls there are beguiling districts of brightly painted wooden houses, parks, redeveloped docks, beaches and forests.

Walking: 3 h, 5 km

Overnight in Tallinn


Day 12 - Tallinn - Lahemaa National Park

Located on the northern coast of Estonia, Lahemaa is perfect for a hiking trip and nature watching. Here you will find stony and sandy seashores, picturesque bogs, pine and cliff forests, rivers that cut into the limestone cliff as well as erratic rocks left over from the last Ice Age.

Lahemaa is one of Europe’s most important forest conservation areas, where many large mammals live. Located south of the national park, the large forested Kõrvemaa area is a home to moose, wild boars, brown bears, lynxes, foxes and other wild animals.

In the morning you will be transferred by private car to Kasmu captains’ village, drop your luggage and start exploring this tiny coastal town.

Known as the Captains’ Village, from 1884 to 1931 tiny Käsmu was home to a marine school that churned out ship captains. At one stage it was said that every Käsmu family had at least one captain in their midst. In the 1920s a third of all boats in Estonia were registered to this village.

There are a few hiking routes in the village and today you will take the shorter one Nature and Culture trail leading you through a pine forest and a bouldery coast.

Private transfer: Tallinn - Lahemaa National park (1 hour)

Walking: 2 h, 4,2km

Overnight in Kasmu


Day 13 - Lahemaa National Park

The second day in Lahemaa national park will be dedicated for further exploration of Kasmu peninsula.

Today you will take a second longer trail that makes the circle around the peninsula, 10 km of it run along the coastline where the forest and sea meet.

Walking: 6-7 hours, 15 km

Overnight in Kasmu


Day 14 - Departure

Transfer to Tallinn. From Lahemaa National Park you will be picked by a private car and transferred to Tallinn.

Optional post tour accommodation available if you want to spend some more time in Estonia’s capital.


  • 13 nights accommodation in 3* hotels or countryside lodges with breakfast   
  • All transportation by trains and public transport   
  • Private transfers by car/bus where public transport not available   
  • Tour leader during the tour   
  • Welcome drink on arrival   
  • 1xtraditional Lithuanian homemade dinner at the homestead   
  • 1xtraditional Estonian lunch at the family home in Lahemaa national park   
  • Arrival and departure airport transfers
  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel to/from Vilnius/Tallinn
  • Lunches, dinners, snacks and drinks not mentioned in itinarary
  • Personal Equipment
  • Taxi transfers or public transport
  • Entry fees/boat trips/optional excursions
  • Luggage transfers
  • Transfers from train/bus station to hotels
Optional tours and services:
  • Ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki and 1 night 3* hotel accommodation in Helsinki - 2 persons - 120 EUR per person
  • Ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki and 1 night 4* hotel accommodation in Helsinki - 1 person, single room - 190 EUR per person
  • Transfer from Vilnius airport to centrally located hotel - car 1-2 persons - 35 EUR
  • Transfer from Vilnius airport to centrally located hotel - minivan 1-6 persons - 55 EUR
  • Transfer from hotel to Tallinn airport - car 1-2 persons - 35 EUR
  • Transfer from hotel to Tallinn airport - minivan 1-6 persons - 55 EUR
  • Pre/post tour accommodation in Vilnius - 3* hotel - double room - 75 EUR
  • Pre/post tour accommodation in Vilnius - 3* hotel - single room - 70 EUR
  • Pre/post tour accommodation in Tallinn - 3* hotel - double room - 100 EUR
  • Pre/post tour accommodation in Tallinn - 3* hotel - single room - 90 EUR
  • Fine dining in Vilnius 6 course Lithuanian historical dinner - 45 EUR per person
  • Local beer tasting in Vilnius - 30 EUR per person
  • Traditional Karaim lunch in Trakai - 25 EUR per person
  • Latvian contemporary dinner at the restaurant "Forest" - 40 EUR per person
  • 3 hours excursion to Kadriorg Park and KUMU Art Museum - 50 EUR per person