Active Experiences

See the best of the Baltics by taking one of our suggested active experiences! For those who admire an active lifestyle, we suggest to go on a different distance hiking journey through the seaside gem – Curonian Spit or enjoy one of many cycling tours. Ready for an adventure? Try dog sledding through Gauja National Park or Kayaking in Trakai – in the lake by one of the most impressive castles in the Baltics! Sounds too easy? We have survival practice in the wilderness – for those who prefer nature and want to feel it as much as it can be!

Make Your holidays unforgettable and dynamic by trying these experiences!


Hiking Along Curonian Spit

Curonian spit is hardly describable. Dunes – so majestic, pine tree forests – full of light, the lagoon glowing in the sunset, golden, wild beaches, and mighty Baltic sea – and yet it is just words against how it truly is. Hiking is the best way to prove it to yourself. Careful – it is so beautiful there you might stay forever!


Kayaking in Trakai

We love water, and we love exploring – it is why we want to share this experience with you! Have you ever tried kayaking? It is a must! Especially if it’s in Trakai – paddling in the lake around one of the most extraordinary castles ever – it is a fun and active experience by the by – surrounded by breathtaking beauty!


Bog shoe walking in Lahemaa National Park

This tour will get You as close to nature as it can – here. You will be walking in a Wetland without getting wet! The Bog shoes are specially made for that type of travel. Now it’s a fun and unusual activity! The best part – you will get to see Lahemaa National Park and its exceptional and rare flora and fauna!


Dog Sledding in Gauja National Park

We suggest you have the best winter highlight you can get – husky dog sled ride through snowy fields and the magical pine forests, get to climb to the observation tower for the bigger picture of the valley of Daugava river. Enjoy amazing views of winter fairytale while riding a dog sled!


Survival experience in the Wilderness

The best way to truly feel nature – try to live in it. In this experience, you will get to learn how to live and survive without 21st-century amenities – an outdoors expert will teach you everything you need to know – camping, finding and cooking food, making fire. Are you ready for an unpolished experience?


Cycling along the Baltic coast

If You love an active lifestyle as we do – this experience is made for you! Enjoy a cycling tour – get to see beautiful places, immerse yourself in breathtaking nature, get to go to several spots where it would be impossible to walk or go by car. Enjoy not just the destination, but also getting there – by bike!