The Best Things To Do In Klaipeda

Travelling to the Baltic states doesn’t just have to be about visiting the capital cities of Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn. It’s also worth checking out some of the lesser known places, such as the sea port city of Klaipeda.

There’s a lot to do in this place, proving that the bigger and more famous cities are not the only places worth visiting in the Baltic states.

For a start, Klaipeda is home to a variety of interesting birds and wildlife. The nearby Curonian spit is a popular destination for birdwatchers and wildlife spotters alike.

There are a number of interesting and historically significant landmarks in the area, and you could try and find these for yourself, or arrange for a guide to give you the low down on the most fascinating examples.

To add to the immersive experience, you could also take in a historical tour whilst in Klaipeda, and an expert local guide will take you to all the must see places, both those in the guide books and those lesser known places too.

Guided city tours of what to see in Klaipeda will show you everything you need to know about where this place has come from, and where it’s headed in the future, whislt the monumnets and statues will give you cause to stop and reflect on what this historic Baltic coast has seen over the centuries.

When you’re done exploring, let the nightlife help you unwind, and the luxurious accommodation choices give you the space to reset and reenergise, ahead of another day exploring Lithuania and the rest of the beautiful Baltic region.

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Come to the Baltics for the Variety

If you haven’t been to the Baltics before, now is the time to ask the question ‘what is there for me?’ The answer is, that there is something for everyone in these beautiful countries, you just have to let Travel Addicts know what you want to see and what you want to do, and we can tailor an experience just for you.

For the adventurous traveller, you could take a Riga boat tour, or spend some time up in the Lithuanian mountains. For the culture conscious, these states have a good number of historic buildings and stunning art galleries, just waiting for you to visit. No tour to the Baltics is complete without sampling the food and drink of these incredible places, and whether you’re fine dining in an old town restaurant in Riga, or sampling street food stalls in Tallinn Christmas market, you’re sure to find something to satisfy any taste buds.

Baltics travel hasn’t always been easy to organise, but Travel Addicts have worked out a formula based on the traveller, rather than the destination, meaning that every single bit of your Baltic travels can be tailored to fit the things you like to do and the places you like to see.

Relaxation is waiting for you at the spa complexes of the old manor houses, but adventure is also calling you in the form of kayaking trips through the city of Vilnius.

The diversity and variety of a trip to the Baltic states means that it is the perfect destination for all travellers. You can decide what to see in Vilnius, what to see in Riga, what to see in Kaunas and what to see in any other city for that matter, and before too long, you could be right there experiencing the variety for yourself.

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Walking Holidays in Lithuania

There are plenty of reasons why someone would want to visit Lithuania, but perhaps the country’s huge variety of walking destinations is up there at the top of the list.

No two trips are the same, and whether you’re feeling the cool summer breeze on a Lithuanian mountain, or bracing yourself against the harsh Baltic coast, a walking holiday in Lithuania could be the antidote to a busy life that you didn’t know you needed.

Disconnect from the twenty first century as you explore well trodden routes and lesser known places. The abundance of wildlife in summer is a perfect time to walk in Lithuania, but there are also expeditions to take in the harsher winter months. Whatever you’re looking for in a walking holiday, you can be sure to find it in Lithuania.

The lush, green countryside is as beautiful as anything you’ve seen in Europe, and the blend of taiga forest with wild coastlines means that you’ll never get bored of the scenery you find yourself walking through.

When the walking is done, you can retire to luxury accommodation in the country’s capital, Vilnius. So diverse is this Baltic gem in fact, that you could even base your walking holiday in Vilnius, and take day trips from Vilnius to the various walking routes you choose.

Whether you’re looking for a self guided walking holiday in Lithuania, or if you need the guidance of a local expert, Travel Addicts can hook you up with the Baltic travel experience you’ve been craving.

The wild, green places of Lithuania are waiting for you. Don’t forget to pack your good walking boots.

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For fans of the television programme ‘Chernobyl’, you don’t need to take a chance on experiencing radiation yourself by visiting the actual site of the disaster. Instead, you can visit Vilnius and take in the various different Chernobyl filming locations which can be found here.

One of the most popular Lithuanian tours right now, this experience is interesting on so many levels.

Fro ma production focused viewpoint, it’s fascinating to step inside Ignalina nuclear power plant and imagine what it would’ve been like for the cast and crew. From a historical point of view, it’s just as interesting, as your mind can’t help being drawn to thoughts of what actually happened on that fateful day in 1986.

To answer the question – ‘Where was Chernobyl filmed?’ – it’s important to know that the culture and society of Lithuania was once very much like that in Chernobyl, and so it’s no surprise that this Baltic state came up with the goods in terms of production locations and settings.

The Ignalina nuclear power is strikingly similar to Chernobyl, which is something that the production team were keen to ensure, so as to increase the authenticity and ‘real’ feeling of the whole series.

Visitors to the filming locations for ‘Chernobyl’ would be forgiven for thinking they’re actually in Chernobyl, especially when taking part in a nuclear power plant tour. It’s like being transported to the place where it all went wrong. Don’t worry though, the lessons learned from back then have made nuclear power one of the safest industries in the world, so you can rest assured that your experience won’t end up being ‘too’ real for you to handle.

In terms of the Lithuanian tours offered by Travel Addicts, this has to be up there with the most immersive and the most interesting.

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Riga, Riga, Riga!

Traditionally, Riga has been a popular destination for ‘stag dos’ and ‘hen parties’ but there is so much more to offer from this Latvian gem.

When you base yourself in the Latvian capital, you can embark on any number of day trips from Riga, where you’ll find a diverse variety of activities to sink your teeth into. If you’re into learning about a country’s culture, there are so many different experiences for you to take part in, from traditional crafts to authentic dining experiences.

The Art Nouveau architecture of the city’s old town features the highest concentration of this type of building anywhere in the world, so for those travellers to the Baltics who love spotting buildings, this is the perfect Baltic travel destination for you.

Travel Addicts are able to tailor Baltic vacation packages to your specifications, likes and interests, meaning that no two trips to Riga are the same. Take a Riga walking tour and delve into the history of the place, or find out more about the geography as you study the interesting Latvian landforms with a friendly expert guide.

Latvia trips don’t have to be about booze and partying any more, unless that’s what you’re looking for of course, but the variety of Baltic states travel packages allows for so much more.

No trip to Latvia is the same as the last, or indeed the next.

Interested to venture further than Riga?

No problem, you could always take the Riga to Vilnius train journey and tick off another Baltic beauty whilst you’re here.

Latvia tour packages cater for every type of traveller to the Baltics, so start thinking about what you want to see and do right now.

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Back to Soviet times in the Baltic States

The world has moved on a lot since the days of the Soviet Union, and this is true for Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia as well.

That said, the remnants of this period of time are still to be found all over these beautiful countries, and with Travel Addicts, you can take a trip down memory lane and experience it all for yourself.

There’s so much choice in terms of what to see and do here, but highlights include immersive dramatisations, where you can take on the role of a prisoner being interrogated by the KGB. How long can you hold your nerve for? What will it take for you to crack?

Visit iconic locations associated with the Soviet Union, such as the TV tower in Vilnius. Once you’ve looked at these buildings and marveled at just how big and bold they are, you could even venture inside and find yourself eating a meal whilst looking out across the city from a whole different perspective.

Of course, with the Soviet Union, the small and seemingly insignificant details were just as important as the grand, statement making buildings. That’s why Travel Addicts have handpicked experiences and locations that show you what everyday life was like in Soviet times. You can visit authentic Soviet apartments, see the inner workings of an old KGB prison, and even take tea as if you were living in a time 50 years since forgotten.

It might not be to everyone’s tastes, but if you’re looking for a first hand experience of Soviet era history, with vehicles, buildings, stories and more, the Baltics have everything you’re looking for wrapped up in experience packages for you and your travel buddies.

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Christmas in the Baltics

It really is the most wonderful time of the year, but Christmas in the Baltics is extra special. The magic of the old towns found in the capitals of the Baltic states really brings to life the Christmas spirit.

The feeling you get in these places is like no other, it’s simply magical and has to be experienced to be believed.

Whether you’re visiting the Riga Christmas markets or tucking in to a Tallinn Christmas meal, you won’t be disappointed and you’ll feel just like a kid on Christmas Eve.

Local artisan craft stalls, sweet and savoury street foods, the Christmas markets are a treat for all the senses and for the whole family.

The weather at that time of year is definitely on the chilly side, so you’ll need to wrap up warm, but it’s definitely worth it and you’re in with a good chance of seeing some fresh, crisp snow!

Now there really is no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by sipping a hot chocolate as the snowflakes drop to the ground around you.

We would recommend visiting the Baltic countries at any time of year, and the experience you get in summer is just as unique as a Christmas visit.

If we’re being really honest though, nothing compares to a trip to the Baltic countries during the festive period. The East meets West charm of these places fits perfectly with the traditions of the season and the change in the weather.

For a Christmas experience like never before, we recommend booking a festive trip to one of the Baltic states, to celebrate the time of year in style.

It isn’t the North Pole, we’ll admit that, but with the huge range of things to see and do in these countries, in our opinion at least, it’s an even better Christmas destination.

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Lithuania Tours Made Simple

Lithuania tours have never been easier with the hand picked packages available from Travel Addicts.

The variety you’ll find in this country is pretty much unrivalled, with everything you could hope for in terms of city life, as well as being able to take a walk on the wild side whenever you need to.

Immerse yourself in the culture of the capital city, Vilnius, or spend your time walking with the wildlife in the country’s unspoiled natural places – the choice is yours.

Even if you decide to stay in the city, there is no reason why you can’t take advantage of a great number of different day trips from Vilnius, during which you’ll be able to truly explore the culture of this Baltic state, with all its history and intrigue.

In terms of what to see in Lithuania, there is so much variety that you’ll struggle to fit it all in with just the one trip, but with Travel Addicts suggestions of Lithuania tours and Lithuania trips, there will be plenty of opportunity to take part in activities that suit your interests.

The whole of Lithuania is waiting for travellers to the Baltics, ready for you to sample the sights and feel the vibe of a country that has so much to offer.

What’s not to love?

With Travel Addicts range of different opportunities for travellers of all ages and interests, a trip to Lithuania has never been so simple or as exciting as it is right now.

All that’s left to do now, is to work out whether you want to immerse yourself in a historical reenactment of a KGB interview, or spend a night in the wilderness hoping to catch a glimpse of brown bears.

Decisions, decisions.

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Got 5 free minutes? Use it wisely!

While the summer hotness is actually melting you down, it’s the best time to think about things, you could do in winter! It’s probably one of the best ways to fresh up – well, at least your mind. So we took a look to our beloved Baltics and found some interesting activities you would definitely enjoy in Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn. Check the list and choose your favorite!

Take a walk on a frozen lake in Trakai!

…or grab a pair of ice skates and let yourself to feel the wind in your hair. Just imagine – fresh air, snowy forest and teeny-tiny snowflakes on your cheeks. The only sound you would hear will be your own thoughts… or laugh. Because it’s always fun! Don’t worry if it’s going to be a bit cold – after all we will definitely treat you with a cup of warm, steaming tea!

Photo Ⓒ Flickr
Photo Ⓒ Flickr

Try kicksledges!

…again on a frozen lake. Only this time add the hidden places of the beaten track. It will be fun and active leisure, that won’t let you feel the winter’s cold. Let yourself to breathe in a bit of pure Lithuanian nature. Who knows – maybe you will meet a rabbit or even a deer?

Photo Ⓒ NorthNorthEast

Enjoy Christmas market in Vilnius!

…and find the perfect presents to all your loved ones! We all know, that Christmas can be really stressful. That’s why we strongly recommend you to take a weekend brake in Vilnius. Instead of never-ending running through always full malls, you can enjoy calm promenade at the Christmas village. Savor small talks with the local crafters, fell celebrating city vibe and sink to a winter adventure!

Photo Ⓒ Flickr

Reveal in Riga’s wonderland!

… and discover a whole new world! Riga is always like a small city from a fairy tail, but… if there is a season you should visit Riga, it’s definitely the winter! Cozy small old town streets will let you feel like you would be in a magical labyrinth, but there is always a way out. Let yourself to get lost in this labyrinth for a while, enjoy small bulbs light and the local’s hospitality. Then definitely go to a candle workshop and dedicate your morning to this amazing meditation. Don’t forget to stop by the Christmas market – believe us, there would be something you would like to take home!

Photo Ⓒ Flickr

Enjoy cultural Tallinn’s experience!

… or forget all your struggling and take a good cup of Estonian culture! Meet charming medieval Tallinn’s side, feel Christmas magic on every corner. Would like to know important city sights? Let’s do this! Wanna find unique Christmas presents? Join guided shopping tour and be amazed by your results. After all, don’t forget to treat yourself with a little bit of culture in best Tallinn’s museums and end your day in a warm, relaxing SPA. So… what could be better than this?

Photo Ⓒ Flickr

Work up a Sweat at the Sauna!

This is a tradition that is very popular among locals. The sauna is as fun as it is good for your health. There is nothing quite as exhilarating as going from the hot wood-fired sauna and plunging naked into a frigid pool of water. Or even in the frozen lake! And we are not talking about fancy center for all tourists – you should really try this true local experience! Would like to read some more? Check it here.

Photo Ⓒ Akvilė Jodkauskaitė

Attend the Opera and Ballet in Vilnius or Riga!

Ballet is something we are really proud of, it’s just sometimes we forget to mention it. The truth is, that you can spend an amazing evening in Vilnius or in Riga, if you decide to watch a ballet. The same is about opera – if you are interested in it, you shouldn’t miss a chance to check an opera concert in Vilnius. And keep in mind that the prices in Baltics aren’t as high as in other countries, but the view and the sound could surpass your expectations!

Photo Ⓒ Flickr

Fine dining in one of the many restaurants!

There are so many options, it could be a little dizzy. And yes, sometimes the big variety doesn’t mean good quality, but this is not about that! Just imagine – cold, dark winter evening in a cozy, elegant place with an appetizing smells from fresh ingredients and chief’s creativity! Sweet Root, Ertlio namas, Dziaugsmai – all three deserve to be visited! They say that it is worth to climb mountains and cross the seas for Lithuanian food; and now you have an opportunity to taste this, but better. So, how about that evening in the city?

Photo Ⓒ SweetRoots

Bet yourself a new Friend!

Take a cup of coffee or a light snack in company of… 15 cats! Yes, it is not a new thing – the first Cat café is opened 20 years ago, somewhere in Japan, but that doesn’t change the fact it is a great experience. You can find one cozy Cat café in Vilnius and say hello to Nika, Bob, Leila, Simba and other guys or you can stop at Café Nurri in Tallinn! You know, there is nothing better than a fluffy, soft and always welcoming host, right?

Photo Ⓒ CatCafe

Try the craft local beer!

There are some strong traditions that Lithuania as well as other Baltic states are famous for. Well, be sure that the beer making is one of them! We are talking about secret recipes, conceded from generation to generation, about uncountable time, spend searching the best combinations of different tastes. Going to Vilnius? Try Prohibicija and let yourself in an adventure with professional beer enthusiasts. Planning to stop in Klaipeda? Then definitely check the brand new Svyturys brewery where you can not just taste a local beer, but actually see the whole making process! If this is not enough, you can always check Aldaris beer museum!

Photo Ⓒ Švyturys Brewery

Warm yourself with a shot of local vodka!

And if we are talking about traditions and drinks, it is impossible to forget the strong ones. There are stories teling about the grand dukes of Lithuania – their table was always full of mead, legendary drink made of grain, honey and water. Is it good? Yes. Should you try it? Definitely! And then don’t forget to try old good Riga’s balsam – the taste you won’t forget for a long time. Last, but not least trial in Estonia – local vodka. Don’t even think to say you don’t drink strong beverages, because it’s not about the drinking, it’s about tasting and getting warm. After all, these tips are for a long, cold winter nights…

Photo Ⓒ Flickr


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Written by Edita Norkevičiūtė

TOP list: the alternative #mustgoes in Vilnius!

So last week we counted our favorite almost magical places to warm up. But did you expect that was it? We aren’t just travel addicts; we are also crazy about our town (which is kinda obvious we think), so we have a lot more mustgo places. And this time we present you our alternative choice. Be sure – every place in this list has it’s own special thing. So next time in Vilnius be sure to keep yourself a bit more of the time and try at least one of these!

16i kava
Probably the smallest coffee house in Vilnius, yet adorable and extremely cozy! They really love good coffee here and they know how to do it right. Don’t like coffee? Not a problem, cause here you can get a cup of tea, or a healthy breakfast bite. By the way, it might look like that 16i kava play hide and seek with you because it really hides in Loft area, but the truth is it isn’t that hard to find it. And believe us, this place is worth to be found! Don’t forget – friendly neighbors are always ready to help you, because… everyone here knows where to find the best coffee in all neighborhood. Aaand here’s something more – 16i kava is based in the former secret Soviet Union factory, manufacturing military and astronaut equipment!

Photo Ⓒ 16ikava

Where to find?
T. Ševčenkos 16i

Crooked nose & Coffee stories
This place is a little bit out of the old town, but definitely worth to be visited! These guys are local coffee roasters who will not only present you world coffees, but also introduce to what we call Lithuanian coffee. This place is not just about drinking coffee, it’s about experience! Crooked nose & Coffee stories is probably the best proof, that sometimes pure simplicity and a passion for what you do is everything you need.

Photo Ⓒ Jurga Lau

Where to find?
Šaltinių g. 20 — 17

Keulė rūkė
“Courageous steps take place in history and change our lives, and the fears quickly disappear without any sign,” – says Dominykas, the owner of this place. Well, this man is brave. It feels like everyone (not just Lithuanians) has seen or at least heard about the scandalous wall. You know, the one with Putin’s and Trump’s kiss. But we feel we must warn you – this place is perfect not just for a cool photo in your vacation album. It’s perfect for your tongue’s vacation or a fest of flavor in your mouth! We believe that the magic begins with the spell, which is freshly smoked pulled pork. Seriously, try pulled pork cheese sandwich or smoked pork ribs and tell us – isn’t this something you always wanted to try?

Photo Ⓒ Keulė Rūkė

Where to find?
Pylimo g. 66

Peronas is actually placed in the old train station warehouse, so that’s just one good reason to go there. Just kidding, there are a lot more reasons! This is the place for a good chat with a friend, a good beer, music or dance. There is nothing more romantic than a comfortable armchair, good company and a returning train in front of you. Of course, this scenario suits more for a long warm summer night, but don’t let yourself to be tricked – Peronas is a place to visit all year round! Good vibe is guaranteed here, otherwise, how could you explain the magic of dances till the morning? And one more thing… Don’t be surprised by huge Tony Soprano in Chinese bathrobe. I mean… how often can you see this?!

Photo Ⓒ Akvilė Jodkauskaitė

Where to find?
Geležinkelio g. 6

It’s been 4 years Dėvėti is one of the most lovable bars by locals. So, if you are looking for a chance to meet some new local people – this is the place for you. During the summer all street is full of chitchats; you’ll find everyone inside when it’s cold. Dėvėti can offer you a good beer, a cocktail, even a good falafel if you fell hungry. And they can definitely show you a really good party. This place is full of adventurous spirit. Looking for something like that? Well, don’t wait anything and join the party!

Photo Ⓒ Dėvėti

Where to find?
Sodų g. 3

The magic quadrangle or Monstro / Prohibicija / Meatballs / Špunka
This quadrangle is also the place where locals love to hang out! One yard – four different places. So, if you are visiting Vilnius, you just can’t miss the opportunity to go there. What’s so special about all these bars? Well, let’s see. Monstro bar is a pocket place with a friendly bartenders and amazing pica. Prohibicija – these guys are real beer hooligans with a great knowledge and the biggest selection of Lithuanian and foreign craft beers that you can find in one place. In the Meatballs bar you’re gonna get literally the best pickles in the town, served with the best meat balls, of course. In fact, this place not just give you good meal, it is one of the best ways to go back to the past. And Špunka is always, always a good place to go. We believe it’s because of the vibe – it’s not that simple to find a place with such chill and good mood. So… is there any hesitations left?

Photo Ⓒ Meatballs_Vilnius / Monstro baras / Prohibicija / Etmonų Špunka

Where to find?
Etmonų g. 3


Written by Edita Norkevičūtė