TOP list: the alternative #mustgoes in Vilnius!

So last week we counted our favorite almost magical places to warm up. But did you expect that was it? We aren’t just travel addicts; we are also crazy about our town (which is kinda obvious we think), so we have a lot more mustgo places. And this time we present you our alternative choice. Be sure – every place in this list has it’s own special thing. So next time in Vilnius be sure to keep yourself a bit more of the time and try at least one of these!

16i kava
Probably the smallest coffee house in Vilnius, yet adorable and extremely cozy! They really love good coffee here and they know how to do it right. Don’t like coffee? Not a problem, cause here you can get a cup of tea, or a healthy breakfast bite. By the way, it might look like that 16i kava play hide and seek with you because it really hides in Loft area, but the truth is it isn’t that hard to find it. And believe us, this place is worth to be found! Don’t forget – friendly neighbors are always ready to help you, because… everyone here knows where to find the best coffee in all neighborhood. Aaand here’s something more – 16i kava is based in the former secret Soviet Union factory, manufacturing military and astronaut equipment!

Photo Ⓒ 16ikava

Where to find?
T. Ševčenkos 16i

Crooked nose & Coffee stories
This place is a little bit out of the old town, but definitely worth to be visited! These guys are local coffee roasters who will not only present you world coffees, but also introduce to what we call Lithuanian coffee. This place is not just about drinking coffee, it’s about experience! Crooked nose & Coffee stories is probably the best proof, that sometimes pure simplicity and a passion for what you do is everything you need.

Photo Ⓒ Jurga Lau

Where to find?
Šaltinių g. 20 — 17

Keulė rūkė
“Courageous steps take place in history and change our lives, and the fears quickly disappear without any sign,” – says Dominykas, the owner of this place. Well, this man is brave. It feels like everyone (not just Lithuanians) has seen or at least heard about the scandalous wall. You know, the one with Putin’s and Trump’s kiss. But we feel we must warn you – this place is perfect not just for a cool photo in your vacation album. It’s perfect for your tongue’s vacation or a fest of flavor in your mouth! We believe that the magic begins with the spell, which is freshly smoked pulled pork. Seriously, try pulled pork cheese sandwich or smoked pork ribs and tell us – isn’t this something you always wanted to try?

Photo Ⓒ Keulė Rūkė

Where to find?
Pylimo g. 66

Peronas is actually placed in the old train station warehouse, so that’s just one good reason to go there. Just kidding, there are a lot more reasons! This is the place for a good chat with a friend, a good beer, music or dance. There is nothing more romantic than a comfortable armchair, good company and a returning train in front of you. Of course, this scenario suits more for a long warm summer night, but don’t let yourself to be tricked – Peronas is a place to visit all year round! Good vibe is guaranteed here, otherwise, how could you explain the magic of dances till the morning? And one more thing… Don’t be surprised by huge Tony Soprano in Chinese bathrobe. I mean… how often can you see this?!

Photo Ⓒ Akvilė Jodkauskaitė

Where to find?
Geležinkelio g. 6

It’s been 4 years Dėvėti is one of the most lovable bars by locals. So, if you are looking for a chance to meet some new local people – this is the place for you. During the summer all street is full of chitchats; you’ll find everyone inside when it’s cold. Dėvėti can offer you a good beer, a cocktail, even a good falafel if you fell hungry. And they can definitely show you a really good party. This place is full of adventurous spirit. Looking for something like that? Well, don’t wait anything and join the party!

Photo Ⓒ Dėvėti

Where to find?
Sodų g. 3

The magic quadrangle or Monstro / Prohibicija / Meatballs / Špunka
This quadrangle is also the place where locals love to hang out! One yard – four different places. So, if you are visiting Vilnius, you just can’t miss the opportunity to go there. What’s so special about all these bars? Well, let’s see. Monstro bar is a pocket place with a friendly bartenders and amazing pica. Prohibicija – these guys are real beer hooligans with a great knowledge and the biggest selection of Lithuanian and foreign craft beers that you can find in one place. In the Meatballs bar you’re gonna get literally the best pickles in the town, served with the best meat balls, of course. In fact, this place not just give you good meal, it is one of the best ways to go back to the past. And Špunka is always, always a good place to go. We believe it’s because of the vibe – it’s not that simple to find a place with such chill and good mood. So… is there any hesitations left?

Photo Ⓒ Meatballs_Vilnius / Monstro baras / Prohibicija / Etmonų Špunka

Where to find?
Etmonų g. 3


Written by Edita Norkevičūtė

5 opportunities to warm up or Vilnius is full of magical places

Brace yourself… the winter is already here, actually. And everyone seems to be avoiding any necessity to go outside. But you can’t hide from cold by staying at home all winter (or at your hotel if you are travelling). So, we thought that this cold is a perfect opportunity to share our own experience. No matter how low the thermometer column is, we are still enjoying our Vilnius. Because when it is too cold, we have 5 wonderful places to warm up!

Photo Ⓒ Edita Norkevičiūtė


Italala Caffè
„If to celebrate, then everyday“ – believe Italala Caffè owners Ramunė and Julija. And they definitely know how to bring a real celebration of tastes. Not just to your cup, but also to your plate! Where the magic begins here? Well, this place works about two weeks and it seems that it has won a lot of hearts already. So, if you feel cold somewhere near Vokiečių street, don’t hesitate and go grip a sunbeam from Italy. Don’t forget – they say sometimes there’s a little wonder that hides in the bottom of your cup. And if all this is not enough, here’s one more secret – they do have swings there!

Photo Ⓒ Italala Caffè

Where to find?
Vokiečių str 1
Open: Mon-Fri from 7 am to 8 pm, Sat – from 8 am to 9 pm, Sun – from 8 am to 8 pm


Mint Vinetu
You know the feeling when you open the doors to somewhere and you could swear that this is another world? Mint Vinetu is definitely one of that kind of places. Cozy, small, yet comfortable, filled with the smell of tranquility and herbal tea. The best part of it? The place is full of small pockets for two, three or four people, so you can have a nice private conversation. The other good thing is that you can go there all by yourself, because you’ll want to explore the endless bookshelves and have no doubt – you’ll find what to read. Long story short, this place is not just for book lovers, it is for everyone looking a place to warm hands, hearts and minds.

Photo Ⓒ Mint Vinetu

Where to find?
Šv. Ignoto str. 16
Open: Mon-Sun from 10 am to 9 pm


Remember Alice in Wonderland – the part where Alice drinks a magical potion and grows really big? Well, somehow Chaika is a lot like wonderland and everyone there can feel a bit like Alice. Small tables, chairs, comfort mini armchairs and strangest little details on the walls and window stills create a cozy, a bit mysterious (in a good way) and nostalgic atmosphere. But all this is just a bonus, because the biggest magic here is gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly menu, which is more than amazing! Tea, sandwiches, cupcakes, brownies and cakes. Every piece tastes like a cloud! And… even cups in Chaika wears little knitted sweaters.

Photo Ⓒ Chaika

Where to find?
Totorių str. 7
Open: Mon-Fri from 10 am to 9 pm, Sun-Sat from from 11 am to 8 pm


Coffee 1
Placed in the very heart of Užupis, Coffee 1  just celebrated their first birthday. The first and last thing that welcome and accompany you is a big, sincere owner’s Skaidrė smile and of course a magical smell of coffee. This is probably the best duet when you are cold, right? So, if you caught yourself looking for new faces, interesting conversations, hospitable neighbor or good cup of coffee – go straitght to Coffe 1 and say Hi from us! Buy the way, last year all city voted – Skaidrė is the most welcoming hostess!

Photo Ⓒ Coffee1

Where to find?
Užupis str. 9
Open: Mon-Fri – from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm, Sat – from 9am to 8 pm, Sun – from  9 am to 6 pm.


Downtown Forest Hostel
Cherry on our magical cake. There are so many reasons to go to this forest, but we believe only one word is necessary for you to be convinced that this place is worth to be visited – fireplace. Don’t be tricked by name – yeah, DFH is a hostel, not a coffee house, but they do have good coffee. So it could be your secret special place for a cup of coffee. Or a cup of tea, if you prefer. They can even make you cocoa with marshmallows! Actually, there’s always something happening, so don’t be surprised if you’ll get into a cozy piano night. Or a board game evening. Now you probably understand, why we love this place. Oh, and the most important thing – they have a big yard with the sky of light bulbs and always, always smiles to you. Maybe that’s why this place reminds you home sweet home. And if you are looking for a place to stay, keep in mind, that recently DFH became one of Europe’s luxury hostels!

Photo Ⓒ Downtown Forest Hostel

Where to find?
Paupio str. 31A
Open: 24/7


Written by Edita Norkevičūtė