7 ways to have fun on a rainy day in Lithuania

We have a saying in Lithuania, that there is no bad weather, just a bad outfit. And we totally agree with that! Since it was raining for the last two (or three?) weeks, we have some great ideas to share with you what to do when it rains. Believe us – they are tested and voted the best!

Everyone loves to eat and we are not an exception. But if you think we are saying you should grab a cheeseburger and lay down in front of TV – you’re wrong! We are talking about an adventure – go to the local food market, find fresh products and make best dinner yourself. Don’t know how to cook? Not a problem, you can always get a guide – professional chef, who knows how the magic in the kitchen works. Also, he knows lots of good local stories, not just about the food. Good company, delicious smell, maybe a glass of wine – and the rain is not a problem anymore!

Photo Ⓒ Marla Singer

Rainy days make you sleepy – this is not a secret. But don’t waste your time sleeping while you have limited time and so much to do! Well, we know that the coffee is always a good idea, but the cup of really good coffee is probably the best! And if you like the black magic, you should definitely meet Vilnius’ craft coffee roasters. While you’ll be tasting different worlds, they’ll tell so much you haven’t even imagined about coffee. And soon the raindrops on the window will be nothing more than the natural music.

Photo – Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories

Different kind of drinks! 
What can sound sadder than a rainy Friday night? Or any other rainy night in the city on your vacation? Our advice – take an umbrella and go try some local beer! We are talking not about getting drunk, but about tasting different types of beer and learning the difference.  Believe us, it is not as easy as it sounds, but it is a really cheerful pastime. Plus, you will definitely find your favorite beer and then the taste of it would never be the same.

Photo Ⓒ Nendrė Žilinskaitė

So it’s raining. You can always run away from the rain and do something you’ve never done before. Something crazy, I don’t know like… visit a nuclear power plant! Sounds incredible? Yet it’s true – you can definitely go to Visaginas and get into a Nuclear Power plant with access to stand on a reactor and a visit to the control station. Don’t forget that this is an unfinished clone of the Chernobyl Power plant and is the biggest in the world. So… who cares about the rain?

Photo Ⓒ Beata Voitechovskaja

Okay, sometimes it is the best to face your trouble. In our case the trouble is the rain so we do recommend getting a raincoat and go enjoy the rain! Even more – we know the place where the rain would be perfection. Go to a swamp and enjoy the fresh air, raindrops on your face and use the opportunity to take a close look to nature’s life. See that beauty? Well rain here is the necessary condition. Don’t be afraid to get dirty and if you do – don’t worry, cause the experience is worth a few drops of mud.

Photo Ⓒ Akvilė Jodkauskaitė

Rainy days are the best for laziness and doing nothing. But then again – you kind of wanna do something. Believe us – we’ve been there and know the feeling. The best solution for this one is a SPA. This relaxing time give you the chance to enjoy everything around you and – this is the best part – you have a legal reason to be lazy. Plus – it’s raining outside…

Photo Ⓒ Akvilė Jodkauskaitė

However, if SPA looks a bit too calm for you, this one will be perfect. We are talking about the sauna – it’s like a special experience for your body and mind. Be sure, locals love this activity, especially when it rains. So, why not to try?

Photo Ⓒ Antanas Minkevičius


Written by Edita Norkevičiūtė


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