Christmas in the Baltics

It really is the most wonderful time of the year, but Christmas in the Baltics is extra special. The magic of the old towns found in the capitals of the Baltic states really brings to life the Christmas spirit.

The feeling you get in these places is like no other, it’s simply magical and has to be experienced to be believed.

Whether you’re visiting the Riga Christmas markets or tucking in to a Tallinn Christmas meal, you won’t be disappointed and you’ll feel just like a kid on Christmas Eve.

Local artisan craft stalls, sweet and savoury street foods, the Christmas markets are a treat for all the senses and for the whole family.

The weather at that time of year is definitely on the chilly side, so you’ll need to wrap up warm, but it’s definitely worth it and you’re in with a good chance of seeing some fresh, crisp snow!

Now there really is no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by sipping a hot chocolate as the snowflakes drop to the ground around you.

We would recommend visiting the Baltic countries at any time of year, and the experience you get in summer is just as unique as a Christmas visit.

If we’re being really honest though, nothing compares to a trip to the Baltic countries during the festive period. The East meets West charm of these places fits perfectly with the traditions of the season and the change in the weather.

For a Christmas experience like never before, we recommend booking a festive trip to one of the Baltic states, to celebrate the time of year in style.

It isn’t the North Pole, we’ll admit that, but with the huge range of things to see and do in these countries, in our opinion at least, it’s an even better Christmas destination.

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