Riga, Riga, Riga!

Traditionally, Riga has been a popular destination for ‘stag dos’ and ‘hen parties’ but there is so much more to offer from this Latvian gem.

When you base yourself in the Latvian capital, you can embark on any number of day trips from Riga, where you’ll find a diverse variety of activities to sink your teeth into. If you’re into learning about a country’s culture, there are so many different experiences for you to take part in, from traditional crafts to authentic dining experiences.

The Art Nouveau architecture of the city’s old town features the highest concentration of this type of building anywhere in the world, so for those travellers to the Baltics who love spotting buildings, this is the perfect Baltic travel destination for you.

Travel Addicts are able to tailor Baltic vacation packages to your specifications, likes and interests, meaning that no two trips to Riga are the same. Take a Riga walking tour and delve into the history of the place, or find out more about the geography as you study the interesting Latvian landforms with a friendly expert guide.

Latvia trips don’t have to be about booze and partying any more, unless that’s what you’re looking for of course, but the variety of Baltic states travel packages allows for so much more.

No trip to Latvia is the same as the last, or indeed the next.

Interested to venture further than Riga?

No problem, you could always take the Riga to Vilnius train journey and tick off another Baltic beauty whilst you’re here.

Latvia tour packages cater for every type of traveller to the Baltics, so start thinking about what you want to see and do right now.

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