Explore one of the most archaic cultures in Europe and immerse yourself in a sensual journey through authentic culinary experiences in the Baltic States. Learn how to bake a traditional Lithuanian tree cake or find out the process of making smoky charred flavored cheese on the dairy farm. Get to know our favorite fisherman who will prepare the best fish soup in his off-grid kitchen or even fine dine in the forest where the last ingredients foraged in the nearby surroundings just before your dinner. Let us not forget traditional food markets where you will nibble on fresh seasonal farmers produce and discover distinct local flavors.

We chose the most authentic experiences led by professionals and created exceptionally for those who want to know more and love food culture.

Folklore Dinner in Vilnius

We believe that traditional food is one of the main ways to get to know the culture of a country. That is why we offer You the most authentic Lithuanian dinner led by folklore dancing and singing! Delicious and unique food will match perfectly with these festive activities and will create unforgettable memories! Folklore Dinner in Vilnius


Beekeeping and honey tasting

Honey is traditional Lithuanian food, and beekeeping remains one of the most archaic practices in the region. For ages, the beekeeper was a very respected occupation, and it still is. We highly recommend this experience – you will learn the history, see the process of beekeeping and honey-making and taste many kinds and forms of best quality honey!

Craft Beer tasting – beer route

The traditions of making beer are hundreds of years old here in Lithuania – we are glad to invite you to this craft beer journey with us! Here You will see traditional methods of beer making, visit the original cellar with beer barrels, and will get to taste different kinds of best-quality Lithuanian craft beer made with love and passion!

Foraging – mushroom & berry picking

We created this activity inspired by our walks in nature. We love picking berries, searching one of many kinds of mushrooms, or just admiring each thing we see in the forest. Nature itself dictates the terms of this unique experience – it is unknown what you will find in the wilderness – but you will always leave amazed by it!

Farm visit with cheese, milk kefir tasting

We invite You to take a closer look at your preferred daily products and its making. Here you will go to our favorite animal farm, will meet the animals, and see traditional milk products, cheese, or kefir production. Furthermore – there will be a tasting of these locally made goods, and you can take your favorite home with you!

Fine dining

It is our honor to present you to probably the best restaurant in Lithuania for fine dining! The menu here is always changing – it is based on the season, and the dishes look astonishing – serving will surprise by its forms, colors, and aesthetics. This food experience will leave you fully satisfied!