The Baltic States are home to some of the most archaic cultures in the whole of Europe. Here, you can take your senses on an immersive journey through authentic culinary experiences like nowhere else in the world. Whether you’re baking a traditional Lithuanian tree cake, or smoking charred flavoured cheese down on the dairy farm, your taste buds are in for just as much of a treat as you are.
Our favourite fisherman will prepare you the very best fish the Baltic sea has to offer, all off grid and whilst you wait. You could even find yourself fine dining on the forest floor, served with ingredients foraged just moments before being served.
Traditional food markets are found in every city, from Riga to Vilnius to the Tallinn market, and everywhere in between, all with fresh seasonal produce and distinct local flavours. These culinary experiences have been handpicked for you, so we know you’ll love dicing straight in to the tastes and smells of the Baltics.

Folklore Dinner in Vilnius

Traditional food is one of the best ways to really get to know the culture of a country. Let us serve you the most authentic Lithuanian dinner, all accompanied by folklore dancing and singing. This unique experience will leave a lasting impression of where Lithuania’s spirit and identity comes from.


Beekeeping and honey tasting

Honey is a traditional Lithuanian food, loved in every part of the country. Beekeeping is alive and well in the region, one of the most archaic practices you’ll come across in Europe. This highly respected vocation is still regarded with huge admiration in Lithuania. After all, there’s nothing quite like a delicious spoonful of honey.

Craft Beer tasting – beer route

Beer making in Lithuania is a tradition that reaches back hundreds of years. Join us on a craft beer journey, where you will see traditional methods of beer making, visit original beer cellars and get to sample an array of high quality Lithuanian craft beer, all made with love, passion and beer making expertise.

Foraging – mushroom & berry picking

Inspired by time spent walking in nature, this experience is perfect for those travelers who may be looking to reconnect with the earth. Picking berries is part of it, searching for different mushrooms is another, but this unique Baltic experience is mostly about feeling, understanding and experiencing the natural world in all its beauty.

Farm visit with cheese, milk kefir tasting

Meet the animals who produce some of our region’s preferred every day products. Traditional farming methods and traditional products, experience it all with this farm visit and tasting experience. Milk, cheese and kefir, try a range of products and then take your favourite home with you. All locally made, all authentic Baltic produce.

Fine dining

Probably the best restaurant in Lithuania awaits. Here, you will experience Lithuanian fine dining, with an ever changing, seasonal menu to rival any restaurant in the world. Beautiful dishes in a variety of colours and forms make this dining experience one of the best available in the Baltic states.