Experience not only daily activities of Your journey – choose one of our carefully selected unique accommodations – from deep wilderness to luxury hotels! For nature lovers, we recommend trying sleeping in a treehouse or taking Yurta instead – quiet and private night and lovely morning guaranteed!  Enjoy splendid sleep – we suggest the royal lifestyle – overnight in the castle or one of the most luxurious hotels in the region of Baltics.

We know the importance of accommodation, it is supposed to be your home through the vacation, that is why we found the most memorable and comfortable stays in Baltics for different needs!

Climb a tree to Sleep in the Tree House

Have you ever wondered about a different kind of home – how about a treehouse? We are excited to allow you to try having a home for a few days at the top of the tree! Cozy interior made by lovely hosts, an exceptional feeling of waking up on the top of the forest and magical tranquility of this secret gem in the woodland of Lithuania


Spend a night at the Soviet Prison

Are you excited to have an advanced experience of accommodation? We have just what You wanted – spend the night in a Soviet prison! How about sleeping on a prison bunk? Having a prison meal for breakfast? For those who want more action – we have an overnight interactive show which includes even more Soviet prison adventures!  Best way to learn history – by trying to survive it yourself!


Sleep in the Windmill

We recommend this stunning accommodation experience – sleeping in an old windmill. The interior is unique, authentical to the smallest detail, the location is breathtaking! Everything is so private and quiet! The morning will be astonishing – freshly baked goods and coffee while the sun rising through the windows – what can be more romantic?


Sleep in a Yurta

Yurta is something between a tent and a usual house. We suggest spending holidays in Yurta and having experience of camping, but with all your needs fulfilled. We guarantee you comfortable beds covered in white sheets, all the amenities in one place, not to mention the fireplace! All this – on the shore of the lake surrounded by forest. Can You imagine a better camping experience?


Treat yourself to outstanding luxury

One of our best selections is hotel Pacai – a luxurious mansion in the heart of Vilnius’ old town. It is a gem of baroque architecture with the apartments where each detail symbolizes new and old merging together in breathtaking harmony. Have this unforgettable experience of aesthetics and comfort while visiting Lithuania!


Travel back in time to a noble mansion

Jaunmoku castle is one of the most impressive buildings in Latvia – take a chance by visiting it, explore museums and parks, for a full experience – spend a night in an actual castle, in one of the luxuriously arranged rooms! Imagine yourself waking up in a palatial apartment just like one of the royals! Loved the idea? Experience history led by comfort in Jaunmoku castle!


Stay in a rural log house

We offer You a unique place to stay – a rural log house! The hosts preserved the rustic spirit of Lithuania – from exterior to furniture, everything appears authentic yet functional. The house itself is on the shore of a magnificent lake, and not far from it you can find a grove of oaks. Immerse yourself in nature while staying in this unique place and have an unforgettable rest!