Family Holidays

Have a family holiday to remember, by embarking on exciting Baltic travels. You’ll find something for everyone with a range of exciting, active and educational experiences waiting for you. You could visit an Adventure Park, with its range of different activities, or even head to the local farms to experience rural Baltic life with the family.
Put your engineering and technical skills to the test with a visit to the Robotics Academy, where you can take part in one of the bespoke lessons. Interactive Fantasy World is a great place to feed the imagination and curiosity of your kids.
The Baltic states offer a great number of different opportunities and experiences to make your next family holiday the holiday of a lifetime.

Have fun in an Adventure park

You don’t need to worry about finding something to keep everyone happy when traveling to the Baltics, as Travel Addicts has done it all for you by handpicking the very best Adventure Parks. We guarantee that everyone will have fun, with activities pitched for everyone. You’ll leave full of memories and you can rest assured that the kids will sleep better than ever.


Visit local farm animals

Kids love animals. Adults love animals. Everyone loves animals! With this in mind, why not head down to the farm and get up close and personal with some of the animals you’ll find there. Reconnect with nature and learn all about the world around us, with your family by your side. A trip to the farm is a heartwarming day out for the whole family in the Baltics.


Get lost in the Maze labyrinth

The maze labyrinth is an extremely popular place for people to visit in the Baltics. The labyrinth changes year on year, with a different theme to keep everyone interested. This is one of the best places to bring the kids, even the big kids like mum and dad! Navigate your way through, play hide and seek, have fun!


Get inspired at the Invention factory – Interactive fantasy world

For families travelling to the Baltics with children, the Invention Factory is a place you simply have to visit. This place is full of learning opportunities for kids. The best part is that they don’t feel like they’re learning, they just see themselves having fun. Experiments, inventions and interactive exhibits keep them on the edge of their seats.


Awaken your curiosity at the Robotic Academy

Keeping up with advancements in technology isn’t easy, but the Robotic Academy helps inquisitive kids find the answers to their questions. Creative and interactive experiences include 3D printing and programming robot activity. Curiosity needs to be stimulated, and you can feed that curiosity by visiting the Robotic Academy when travelling to the Baltics.


Treat your toes at the Barefoot trail

When was the last time you walked barefoot? Take the time to kick off your shoes and socks with the family, and walk along more than ten different routes. Feel the texture of sand and stone beneath your feet and you’ll know what relaxation and reconnection in the Baltics is all about.