Family Holidays

Make traveling with family joyful for everyone! For the active and educational journey, we offer You take a chance of visiting an Adventure Park with many different levels of difficulty activities or go to local farms to give Yourself and Your kids a closer look at how real farm life is. To build the knowledge, we suggest trying one of the lessons in Robotics Academy or pay a visit to an Interactive Fantasy World – for the increasing curiosity of your kids!

We offer your family holidays full of fun, active experiences, and knowledge raising practices!

Have fun in an Adventure park

How to make family holidays active and interesting for the whole pack? We picked the best adventure parks in the Baltics, and we can guarantee – you and your kids will have so much fun! Activities here have different levels of complicacy so everyone will be pleased, kids will have fun, and at the end of the day, everyone will be maybe tired – but happy!


Visit local farm animals

Who does not love animals? Take time and visit one of our favorite farms – let the kids play with the animals, get them to know how life goes in the countryside. Time spent there will teach them to care about every living creature, will remind them how fragile nature is and how thankful we must be for all we have!


Get lost in the Maze labyrinth

We suggest you visit the maze labyrinth – an extremely popular place where everyone loves to go! Each year the form of the labyrinth changes and has a different theme! Kids adore this place and it is so simple yet so fun. For adults as well – it makes you a little bit more playful – trying to find the way back, playing hide and seek in the labyrinth!


Get inspired at the Invention factory – Interactive fantasy world

Everyone who has kids – must go to the invention factory. It is a place for fun learning, full of quests, and inventions. Kids will go to the lab – will get knowledge about science by making experiments themselves! Interactive exhibits such as a free-flying machine or hot air balloon will leave them impressed, and when kids happy – parents are happy too!


Awaken your curiosity at the Robotic Academy

The 21st century can change so fast – so we must keep up! Kids, as always, are full of questions and curiosity – Robotic academy has activities where these questions have answers. Here You will find 3D printing, creating robot activity, and much more creative and fun ways of learning!


Treat your toes at the Barefoot trail

When was the last time you took a walk barefoot? We are inviting you to a fun and relaxing way of spending time with your family. Just take off your shoes and try more than ten different laps – from beach sand to stones. It is not pure fun – it is also healthy and relaxing!