History & Movie Scenes

Complete Your holidays with our exclusive History and Movie Scenes experiences! Are you fascinated by history? We suggest You have a closer look at UNESCO world heritage – learn more about the oldtowns of the capitals of the Baltics, nature’s masterpieces such as the Curonian spit or Struve Geodetic Arc. Get inspired by stories of Lithuania’s guerrilla movement or book smugglers – patriotic people who did not surrender, not even in the darkest times. Not to forget – one of the most intriguing objects we suggest – famous movie series Chernobyl filming locations!

History and Movie scenes experiences are for those who wish for more unique stories and inspiring places in their holidays!

Chernobyl filming Locations in Vilnius

For the fans of Chernobyl, we suggest an amazing opportunity to see all the locations of the series! You will go to Visaginas, will visit the Nuclear Power Plant – you can get inside and see it yourself! Take a walk in the streets where time stopped and try to imagine yourself in the main scenes of the series – just like 1986s!


Baltic States Guerilla Movement

Guerillas in the Baltics were and still are heroes of the epoch. We highly recommend knowing more about what we call them – forest brothers and sisters, who fought bravely for their freedom with no army and no guns. Listen to the stories of these men and women who haven’t surrendered and get inspired by their bravery!


Book smugglers of Lithuania

Can You imagine – someone prohibits you from speaking in your language? There was a time when the Lithuanian language was forbidden. What Lithuanians did? Printed books outside of the country and illegally took them through the border! Learn more about the highest expression of the patriotic mind in this experience!


UNESCO world heritage routes

Take this unique chance to travel through the most amazing places in Baltics! Explore magical nature in Curonian spit or get a better knowledge of Art Nouveau by walking in Riga old town. Furthermore – learn more about archeology in the ancient capital of Lithuania – Kernavė and its Archeological Site! Have the best holidays traveling through UNESCO heritage sites in the Baltics!


Ancestry research and Geneaology – tracing family routes

During the wars and migrations, many people traveled from one country to another by leaving traces. Not only Europe – the whole world population blended. We suggest You go back to the roads your ancestors went – find the roots of your family in the Baltic states and get to know your heritage – get closer to your family history!