History & Movie Scenes

Turn your travels into a history and movie scene experience with our range of locations and settings, each well worth a visit. If you’re into finding out the history of a place, might we suggest you take a closer look at UNESCO world heritage, to find out more about the old towns of Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn. If you’re looking for more of a rural experience, you could venture to the Curonian Spit or Struve Geodetic Arc.

Find inspiration from the stories of Lithuania’s guerilla movement or book smugglers. These patriotic people refused to surrender, even during the darkest times in the country’s history.

For movie buffs and TV fanatics, you can visit the settings and filimg locations of the series ‘Chernobyl’. A truly unique experience for your Baltic travels!

Chernobyl filming Locations in Vilnius

For fans of ‘Chernobyl’, you simply have to spend some time visiting the locations from this fantastic series. You’ll be able to visit Visaginas, with the Nuclear Power Plant where you can even step inside. Take a walk along the streets of the series, where time seems to have stood still since 1986. A truly immersive experience, not to be missed for fans of this series.


Baltic States Guerilla Movement

Baltic guerillas are still regarded as heroes. Otherwise known as ‘forest brothers and sisters’, these brave men and women fought for their freedom with no army and with limited weaponry. The stories that these men and women have passed on through the ages are inspirational. Listen, and you will be amazed to hear how these historically significant events unfolded.


Book smugglers of Lithuania

After the prohibition of literature in their own language, and even the banning of speaking that language, there was a time when Lithuanians had to take matters into their own hands by smuggling books in and out of the country. A patriotic and brave act that you can learn all about in this experience.


UNESCO world heritage routes

This is a unique opportunity to travel through some of the most amazing places in the Baltics. Why not explore the magical natural world of the Curonian spit, or delve into the Art Nouveau architecture of Riga old town. You could even check out the archeology in the ancient capital of Lithuania, Kernavė, at its famous archeological site.


Ancestry research and Geneaology – tracing family routes

During the periods of war and migration, people traveled through Europe and beyond without leaving much trace of where they had come from. Walk back along their footsteps and find the roots of your family in the Baltic states. Explore the roots of your family, learn abut your heritage and understand your family history.