Journey back in time by visiting some of the most elegant and grand manors in the whole of the Baltics. These majestic buildings are surrounded by beautiful parks and wrapped in the vivid history of each country. You could take a walk in the garden of Vihula manor, have a luxurious dining experience in the restaurant of Birinu estate, or even sample some locally made, natural Lithuanian bread and cheese in Ilzenbergas residence.
If visiting for the day isn’t enough, you could even hire a luxury apartment within one of these manors. Now that’s how you travel to the Baltics in style.
Live your life like the aristocracy and spend your time in the Baltics in and around these beautiful manors.

Birinu Pils

This place has to be on your ‘must see Latvia’ list. Birinu manor is a place of beautiful buildings, stunning parks and lush green areas. You’ll find luxury hotel rooms, a fine dining restaurant, plus an array of activities such as horse riding and swimming. Take in the breathtaking panorama of the manor and its surroundings from the tower viewpoint.


Ilzenberg manor

This estate is authentic and unique, with a lovely, cosy interior to welcome you in after a visit to the eco farm and vineyard. You could spend the night there and sample traditionally made Lithuanian food, all prepared for you with love and passion by culinary professionals, bringing the real tatse of Lithuania to your plate.



This is the place for true relaxation and creating unforgettable memories. With a stunning spa centre, you can indulge in a range of relaxation activities, including the baths, pools and massage rooms. Leave your worries behind and step forward into relaxation and tranquility at the Wagenkull manor.



Still not fully renovated, the buildings of Rumene manor are around 150 years old. You can see the signs of epochs changing written in the walls of the place. Here, the rooms are all unique, with stunning interiors matched with functionality and purpose. This is the manor for lovers of history, looking to relax in style


Vihula Manor

Vihula manor welcomes travellers to the Baltics with open arms, embracing them with a peaceful place to relax and unwind. The best historic hotel in Europe 2020, Vihula manor has everything you could hope for with its spa complex and restaurant to complement the spacious and luxurious rooms, all surrounded by natural beauty in the heart of Estonia.


Pakruojis manor

This Lithuanian gem is one of the largest complexes in the whole of the Baltics. Here, you will find an endless list of activities to suit all tastes. You can take part in pottery workshops, tend to herb gardens and even experience wool manufacturing. To take in this experience, we recommend at least a few days at Pakruojis manor.