Lithuania Traditional Crafts For 5 Days
from: 350€
4 Days Exploring Cold War and Soviet History in Lithuania
from: 369€
Autumn bird migration tour
from: 1490€
Grand tour: birds and wildlife
from: 1600€
Detox in Lithuanian Wild Coastline in 7 Days
from: 890€
4 Days Full Lithuanian Forest Experience
from: 280€
7 Days Guided Walking Holiday in the Curonian Spit
from: 760€
SPA Weekend Break
from: 219€
Day Trip to a Nuclear Power Plant (GUARANTEED TOUR)
from: 150€
Half Day Sauna Escape
from: 220€
7 Days Self Guided Walking Holiday in Curonian Spit
from: 490€
Cinematic Vilnius: revisiting famous "Chernobyl" filming locations
from: 65€
Daytrip from Vilnius to Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Visitors Center
from: 65€
Lithuania "Chernobyl" Filming Locations in 5 Days (Private tour)
from: 320€