As As the Baltic countries are amongst the greenest countries in the whole of Europe, there is plenty to see for nature lovers. Birds visit these lands from all over the world, and you can take part in a spot of birdwatching in a number of beautiful locations.
Or, if that’s not wild enough for you, you can look even further than the sky above, into space, from the ethnocosmology museum in Lithuania, the only one of its kind in the world.
Walk on the wild side when travelling to the Baltics as you track wolves by following their footprints and spot brown bears in the wilderness of the incredible Lithuanian and Latvian taiga.


Birdwatching in Ventės ragas

For birdwatchers, there really is no place like the incredible Ventės ragas, with its in tact wilderness and vibrant array of visiting bird life. If you have time to get the binoculars out, sit back and wait, you will be rewarded with some of the most beautiful avian activity you’ll see anywhere in Europe.


Butterfly watching in Estonia

Experience the world of the Baltics as Mother Nature intended. Sit and be still for a moment in one of the largest natural meadows in Europe, and you might just find beautiful butterflies and rare birds flitting past in their thousands. If you time your trip to the Baltics just right, you could even sample various berries and mushrooms.


Follow the footsteps of the wolves

If you’re traveling to Estonia, you will soon learn all about its forests, its wetlands, its beaches and its rivers, but how would you like to get up close and personal with its wildlife? Walk with the wolves as you trace their steps and track their trails. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even spot a wild Estonian wolf.


Spend a night in a hut watching the brown bears

More than 700 brown bears make their home in the taiga of Estonia. See this beautiful beast for yourself as you spend a night within a stone’s throw of its natural habitat. This Baltic adventure is not to be missed, and you may even sneak a peak at raccoon dogs, woodpeckers, red squirrels, or even a wolf or lynx.


Stargazing – Night Skywatch through a telescope

A truly magical experience of far-off galaxies is closer than you might think. Travel to the Baltics and you can be taken on the adventure of a lifetime, guided by experts and all seen through a super powered lens. The moon, the planets of our galaxy and those from even further away, witness it all when you travel to the Baltics.


Walk on the treetop path

High above one of the most beautiful forests in Lithuania, you will find the treetop path. Made famous by a poem, this sky-high walk way offers mesmerising views and a different perspective on your very own Baltic adventure. Simply breathtaking and has to be seen to be believed.