The Baltic countries are some of the greenest countries in Europe – there is plenty to see for those who admire nature. Get to know birds from all over the world in a birdwatching station or try to count the stars in star gazing practice led by professionals in the only one museum of ethnocosmology existing. For full awareness of the wild nature, we give you an opportunity for an unbelievable adventure – trace footsteps of a wolf or even try to stay per night in one  – enjoy accommodation in taiga where you can witness brown bears!  

Dive yourself into the mystical world of nature with these unbeatable experiences!


Birdwatching in Ventės ragas

Ventės ragas is the perfect place to adore nature and our bird watching activity is perfect for those who love spending time in the Wilderness! Let’s check if you can count and name all the birds You will see? Enjoy a calm way of being in nature and – spend it usefully!


Butterfly watching in Estonia

Enjoy a wonderful day in one of the biggest meadows in Europe by observing different kinds of butterflies, watching birds, and taking a closer look at the unique plants! If the time of a year will let – try berries and mushrooms picking – one of the most archaic and yet still existing experience in Baltics!


Follow the footsteps of the wolves

Estonia is famous for its forests and wetlands, its beaches, and rivers, and most important – for its abundance of wild animals – one of them – the wolf. Immerse yourself in the wilderness by tracking this mysterious animal, and maybe you will be lucky enough to see it with your own eyes!


Spend a night in a hut watching the brown bears

Taiga of Estonia is home to more than 700 Brown Bears. We recommend You try this exceptional adventure and see one of the most majestic animals in its natural habitat! There is also a high chance to observe Raccoon Dogs, Woodpeckers, Red Squirrels – Nuthatches, Red Fox as well, maybe even Wolf or Lynx!


Stargazing – Night Skywatch through a telescope

Can you believe – a tour through the sky! Yes, it is possible, by taking this experience led by professionals – seeing the Moon, all the planets of our galaxy, other galaxies, and nebulas – being so close and yet so far! Enjoy this magical experience and get to know our infinite world through the telescope!


Walk on the treetop path

We suggest You take a walk on this path, situated above one of the most beautiful forests in Lithuania (there is even a famous poem about it!). It is just like walking on the top of the trees! The view there is mesmerising and so unusual for our eyes. Try a different perspective and prepare for a breathtaking adventure!