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Welcome to our Baltic States!

Travel Addicts Club is an incoming Baltic states tour operator and DMC in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Some of our tours include Scandinavia and Poland. We provide Small Group Trips and Tailor made Trips – Baltic States Highlights, Nature and Outdoors and Exclusive Experiences.

We are driven by love to our homeland and we strive to deliver memorable experiences for those who travel with us. The destination knowledge of our staff together with local community network builds high quality service, authentic and creative tourism, and the best hospitality.

In all three Baltic Countries we offer:


Incoming tour operator license number is NR. 14971 .

We are member of National Tourism Business Association


Top sights & Experiences.We are a group of well traveled souls who are very demanding for what we organize and how we host in our homeland. So, we don’t call it tours – it is experiences that we do. We are focused on the emotions, moments that you or your customers feel rather than some sights to take a picture.

Creative Tourism. We focus on adventure tourism may it be Sauna on a Baltic seaside or in a cave. Sleeping in a boat or taking a digital detox – we are here to provide some impactful journeys.

Hospitality. Good service is our core target. Our team has won the most hospitable team award from Lithuanian Tourism Board in 2017, so be sure we are very much about details. We are flexible to tailor every experience to the customers needs to help our travelers make the most of their trip.

Responsible tourism. Local communities are a part of our club! We stay in the best homesteads, meet local crafters, support traditions and work closely with local communities. Trust us, it will be of the beaten track, trus us – it will be memorable. We drink water from a tap which is super good in Lithuania.

Authenticity. Many of us are modern and connected. However we have some very authentic things left. Sauna on a seaside, comfort-loaded SPA, or some smoked fisherman’s catch and a lot more.

While focusing on the core of the trip – experience – be sure that we provide accommodation, transfers, catering, shopping, private assistance, genealogy and other services depending on Your or Your customers‘ needs.

Welcome to our Baltic countries!

Responsible Travel.

Everyone knows environment need to be protected. The problem is that usually we are waiting for something or someone who could fix this problem for us. The government, some organizations or even volunteers. But we forget the most important thing – we also make a great impact on the environment. It counts every day of what we do and how we live. So our goal is to start with ourselves. We believe that the smallest changes in everyday habits have a huge positive environmental effect. So we not just recycle, save energy and water – we remind each other to be responsible every day.


  • Local crafters. We spent a lot of time trying to find local crafters, to get to know them, their stories, traditions and work specifics. Now we are glad to say we know a lot of wonderful people who can share their own experiences in Lithuania. Local sauna-men, fishermen, local chefs and guides. Everywhere it’s possible we try to include locals’ services – from homemade traditional meals and drinks to various experiences. We believe that no one could tell the stories better than locals and working with them is the best way to show the traveller an authentic insight of our everyday life.
  • Wildlife. We believe that wild animals should live in their natural surroundings, not in the zoo, so we never go there or recommend it to our guests. However, we love nature and enjoy every possibility to know it. That’s why we cherish a responsible tourism. One of our ways is to visit local farms and find another, friendly way to delve into nature (for example try to milk a cow).
  • Waste. We do believe that you can reuse almost everything, but paper is on the top of the list. We use recycled paper for our prints: flyers, leaflets, business cards, also pens. Our office is environmentally friendly too: we recycle, always use both sides of the paper. We also use energy saving bulbs and always refill our printer cartridges instead of buying new ones. We have our branded canvas bags, so we practically never use plastic bags.
  • Water. Our tap water is actually good and tasty, so we always drink tap water and of course each of us has reusable bottles. We always promote this habit for our travellers.
  • Local community. We have no doubt that local sight is the best perspective to see the culture. If you really want to see new country, it’s not enough to go there and see all must-sees. That’s why our tours aren’t about visiting all popular shiny places and churches you can see in every flyer about Lithuania. It’s about to get to know local people, craftsmen who can show You the real face of our beautiful country. We always keep in touch with local neighbourhoods and try to combine local projects to our tours itinerary. Of course, we always give tips for our travellers to visit as many as possible small boutiques where they can find souvenirs handmade by locals.




Meet our professional guides:
The best thing to happen while traveling is getting lost

Alina apparently spent a third of her life travelling. She managed not only to travel, but also to live everywhere from Colorado to Reykjavik, from London to Nida. And when she returned from her travels, she decided to share her joy of discovery with others. Always smiling and full of ideas, she boldly took the mission – to show the most beautiful and unique places of Vilnius and Lithuania for other travelers and explorers. Alina believes that the best travel souvenirs are cake recipes, local music instruments or special knitting patterns, but the most important ones are the genuine stories of local people. So don’t be surprised if your tour with Alina turns into a cultural journey through past and present, spiced up by real life stories.

Vilnius is my favorite city!

Benas is probably one of the biggest travel addicts in our club. He’s crazy about travelling, but after all, he claims that Vilnius is his favorite city. What’s so special about Vilnius? “It is my home and I just love it. Especially to climb on the one of Vilnius hills and feel that something special. I’m not sure how to describe that, it feels like I am flying through the Old City, the parks, the beauty of Vilnius churches’ towers. Everyone should try to feel that! Plus, while walking in the narrows streets I always hear Charlie Parker playing around the corner…“

Traveling is creating distance, both physically and mentally.

To Arvydas traveling is an experience enabling to reflect oneself from a perspective and a key to broader and deeper understanding of other issues as well. He is an academic and a teacher of political anthropology at university. Arvydas chose to become a guide not only to be able to tell other people about the country and his home city Vilnius, but through this experience to get to know himself and others better too.


Let the unexpected happen!

Airina is a passionate universe traveler, an observer through a camera lens and a tour guide in Vilnius. In her own words: “The more I see of the world the more I realize how delightful my homeland Lithuania actually is – with its long history, colorful culture, astonishing landscapes and kind people. I´ve been living in Vilnius for some years now and still this charming city amazes me every day with its endless secrets. So I got my guide license with a mission to reveal that beauty and magic through the history, nowadays affairs, architecture, art and fascinating stories to the guests of our country.” So come along and touch the spirit of Vilnius together with Airina!


Akvilė is the person who notices things we simply miss and catches up the most precious moments. She says that it’s enough to look above your head and start noticing things. “Travelling is the freedom of my mind, fresh forest air in my lungs, street sounds in my ears, taste of food that I’ve never tasted before. That is the joy of the moment that no one else but I am in it. I am capturing these moments and emotions and trying to reflect this feeling of how simple is beauty of travelling” – says Akvilė.


Paulius has lived in Amsterdam and Stockholm, has been to the great cities of New York, Moscow and London, but still thinks Vilnius is the best city in the world. That is not to say he wants to change your opinion about what’s best, but truly seeks to share his love and passion for the local history, art and cuisine. “My favorite parts of the city are the inner courtyards and the narrow streets of the Old Town. You can almost touch the life of 17th century urbanities. And even though I grew up as a child of concrete, I do love camping, exploring the woods and hiking.”


Viktorija is a passionate history expert who can tell you almost everything about the places she knows. “Usually when I am travelling through unknown places, I remember a fragment from the Little Prince. When he was drawing, the adults couldn’t understand his paintings so he had to explain his works of art. That’s how you feel when you are standing in front of unfamiliar places – you see landscapes, different objects, but you can understand them only when an explanation is given,” – says Viktorija. She likes to be the guide, because this admires her. Viktorija believes that during the tour, the unknown places gain new meaning. Different stories, myths combined with real historical facts create an opportunity to get closer to historical and cultural understanding.


To Mindaugas curiosity is his passion, while knowledge sharing is his specialty. As a university lecturer that began leading tours for a hobby, Mindaugas enjoys every chance he can get to talk about Vilnius. While history and architecture is always interesting, it’s the small and bizarre stories that make a place beautiful and the experiences meaningful.


Marius is born and raised in Vilnius. He spent his young days in Old Town and so-called Soviet-blocks districts. Marius says: “My City has its own special spirit – when I was sixteen I even drew graffiti of city’s iconic symbols on my room wall and finally it encouraged me to become a guide. Afterwards, best thing to do is to go outside the city and meet friendly local people in small towns, try different taste mixes of traditional cuisine or get lost in the endless areas of forests.”