Travel the Baltics and retain all Your memories from the vacations by having an acknowledged photographer with You! Find yourself on a wildlife tour and take the most artistic and impressive photos with the help of an expert photographer or discover unique techniques by learning with one while exploring the city! For memories that last, have a professional to capture the most remarkable moments of your journey.

We invite You not just to memorize but also to catch the most beautiful moments of Your experiences with a guarantee to remember!


Wildlife photography tour

Imagine yourself in the deep forest, surrounded by wilderness, seeking the footsteps of a moose, or staying quietly in the meadows by the river and watching a few of them coming to take a swim. Sounds amazing? We suggest this memorable experience led by a professional nature’s photographer who will get you through the forest and will show you how to take amazing photos of wild animals!


Photography workshop on a city tour

We offer You an exceptional opportunity to not just take a tour through the city but also have a professional photographer teach you main photography concepts! Learn how to make the most precise photos, get to know more about perspective and sharp angles, and bring home the finest pictures made by yourself!   


Hire a professional photographer for your tour

Explore the most amazing places in the city with a photographer! Let him lead You to must-see spots and take the best shots of you and your journey in the background of most picturesque views! Have the best quality pictures of You, make some memories, and bring them home with You!