Enjoy the best way to know the vibrant culture of Baltics by visiting local artists and craft makers in one of our experience tours! Get to know the secrets of amber hunting and crafting – go on and find it yourself! For more ethnographic activities – try to make traditional clothing in one of the most archaic ways. Let us not forget last century finds – from Modern art galleries to spotting the most iconic pieces of local street art on the city walls!

Find yourself in these mesmerizing activities from learning ancient techniques of crafting to exploring the artsy side of the Baltics – in these our most attentively selected crafts and arts experiences!


Amber Hunting in the Baltic Sea

One of the first things you can hear when talking about Lithuania’s traditions is the amber – the mysterious treasure of the Baltic sea. That is why we highly recommend this unique experience – try to catch it by yourself! A professional amber catcher will reveal all his secrets and methods to prepare you for your first amber catch!


Traditional Estonian Handcraft Workshop

We invite you to take a chance of making traditional Estonian crafts – from weaving to pottery making, from knitting to braiding ribbons. It is a perfect experience for those who want to know more about Estonia’s culture and traditions, not just listening to stories, but also want to participate in the process, prefer to learn new things, and enjoy creative activities!  


Spot World famous Street Art

Street art is not only a statement – but it is also one of the most vivid branches of art reflecting social, political, cultural changes, or problems. We highly recommend getting to know a country or a city from this unusual perspective! Take a walk through the streets, try to read the walls with a professional leader, and see the clearest and still highly changing reflection of modern society!


Discover Art Nouveau Architecture in Riga

We suggest You take a walk in Riga’s old town – a great example of Art Nouveau – an extravagant and gorgeous architecture style. Do not miss a chance – it’s the best You can find because here is the highest concentration of Art Nouveau in the whole world! We can guarantee – colorful and luxurious buildings will not leave you indifferent!


Ancient Pottery Making

We suggest You join our pottery making class led by a professional artisan. Here you will hear a brief story of local crafts, you will know all about the techniques cultivated long ago, and the most exciting part – you will get to make your example using one of the oldest ways of pottery making!