The best way to get to know the vibrant culture of the Baltics is to visit local artists and immerse yourself in the craft culture. We make this a reality on our experience tours, where you can take part in things like amber hunting, as well as a range of different crafts. There really is something for everyone here, and whether you’re into making traditional clothing or carving creations, there will be an experience tour tailor made for you.
For art lovers, you can roam around modern art galleries looking for famous works of art from these shores and further afield, or simply spot iconic pieces of street art on the city walls. An urban, outdoor gallery.
Spend your time traveling the Baltics immersed in the arts and culture of these beautiful cultures. Experiences that will create lifelong memories.


Amber Hunting in the Baltic Sea

The tradition of hunting amber is cemented in Lithuania’s heritage. This mysterious treasure of the Baltic sea has fascinated people for centuries, and now you can try to find some too. A professional amber catcher will help you try for yourself, by revealing the secrets and methods involved. Fingers crossed that you get your first amber catch!


Traditional Estonian Handcraft Workshop

Come and take part in traditional Estonian crafts, from weaving to pottery making and from knitting to braiding ribbons. For travellers who want to know more about Estonia’s culture and traditions, this is about much more than simply listening to stories, this experience allows you to feel the culture for yourself.


Spot World famous Street Art

Street art can be a powerful statement anywhere in the world, but in the Baltics, it represents one of the most vivid branches of art and reflects social, political and cultural changes as they happen. Wander through the streets, wither by yourself or with a guide, and get to know the cities through the eyes of the counter culture.


Discover Art Nouveau Architecture in Riga

Take a walk through the old town in Riga and you’ll see a good number of extravagant and aesthetically pleasing Art Nouveau buildings. These streets are home to the highest concentration of Art Nouveau architecture anywhere in the world, so make sure you take the time to spot the colour and the luxury all around you.


Ancient Pottery Making

A professional artisan will lead you in a pottery making class, where you’ll be taught a range of different techniques which have been in use for centuries. The stories will keep you engaged right until you put the finishing touches to your very own example of traditionally made pottery.